We are a non-profit ministry and our goal is never to make money on our courses!  We do charge a minimal amount to cover our costs and also enable us to provide scholarships for those who are financially unable to pay.  

On all of the enrollment pages, you can find a link to apply for a scholarship.  It is usually directly beneath the normal ENROLL button. Coupons/scholarships are not guaranteed, but we do our best to offer whatever we can to make it possible for everyone who wants to take a course to do so.  Most of our scholarships are NOT 100% Full scholarships as we believe that trainees who invest sacrificially to do that training most often get a greater benefit out of it.  In all of our lives, we have seen God come through and provide for us when something is His will for us.  We want our trainees to get this experience too.

We do have payment reps in 14 different nations for those who do not have PayPal or an international credit card to use. When you apply for a scholarship, you will be notified about how to pay through a payment representative if there is one in your nation. 

Often trainees who receive scholarships later turn around and donate to our ministry to make scholarships for others possible in future courses.  We definitely appreciate that!  

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us by email for further clarification.  

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